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Suab Chata 2013 At Wat Buddhamongkolnimit NM

on May 11, 2013
A northern-style sueb chata (life prolonging) ritual. Northern people of Thailand have believed that a person has a fate that follows their zodiacal moment of birth and that can turn good or bad. If it turns bad, a person might be faced with such problems as getting injured or losing his or her property. To dispel that bad luck and prolong life, a person holds a sueb chata ceremony. As a city or a community is established in accordance with a horoscope, it has a fate just like a person. Its fate can also turn bad and that can cause unrest and unexplained disasters, accidents and other misfortunes. If this happens, people will hold a ceremony of sueb chata mueang to ask the angels to help dispel all the bad luck and give blessing to prolong the life of the city.
This ceremony is usually larger than those held for individuals, with many more attendants and offerings. Bad fate occurs because people act badly. Image
The sueb chata ceremony is a chance for people to reconsider their past actions and correct them. Bad actions cause us troubles so we should dispel them. The ceremony will help us dispel all menaces and tell us to give up bad things. If we don’t do this, our lives will never improve. Ask yourself what life means to you.

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